The value of good advertising.


Project wonderful was the website I used to drag in the unsuspecting person who clicked on that image on whatever site I had chosen to advertise on.

Its a good system that they use, lots of stats of clicks and views to help you decide where you want to spend your advertising dollars. I spent $10 US dollars over that time from nov to may.



Whats going on around here?

Welcome to the long time readers and new people who have stumbled across this blog.  I have found it is a great location to store my cartoons and show them to new and old friends.

Where should you go first, go check out the comic archive that has all my old comics that don’t belong to one of the 3¬†series attempts.

Series attempts are Frankenstien, The Pink Princess and Webcomic Attempt(great title)

Update:- 2/09/18

My work roster changed so I don’t have as much time to play with the site, but also my interests have changed, so not sure what ill do on here next.

With the change of work roster the development of Lab Rats the card game is no more. I might quickly go through and make a second version of the rules, taking out a little of the things that don’t like.

I have been watching sit down and shut up, lots of good board games reviews.

Recently I got to play a few board games maybe that is something I could do. When I play through my games cupboard give them all a quick review.

If your new here please check out all the pages. here is a quick description of the pages.

Stay tuned and keep reading webcomics.