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Whats going on around here?

Welcome to the long time readers and new people who have stumbled across this blog.     I have found it is a great location to store my cartoons and show them to new and old friends.

Where should you go first check out the comic archive that has all my old comics that don’t belong to one of the 3 series attempts.

Series attempts are Frankenstien, The Pink Princess and Webcomic Attempt(great title)

Update:- 4/12/17

My girlfriend and I brought a house together so that has taken up all my time of recent.

No comics have been made recently and advertising has stopped. As can be seen by the below graphs of all the poor people who had clicked my advertising.

935 views for the year, won’t get it to climb much further I wouldn’t think, with no content updating and no one returning it won’t go up much.

2017 sats

What have I been doing in relation to anything on this site.

Other than playing Lab Rats Board game every now and then. Umm nothing, I am still trying to make the board game into a card game. It is a lot harder to do I am finding. The lack of card game playing I think is hindering me. I need to watch more Tabletop on YouTube with Will Wheaton to get more card game exposure.

And once again I am trying a different idea to bring the card game version to life.  I will keep you posted.

If your new here please check out all the pages. here is a quick description of the pages.

Stay tuned and keep reading webcomics.