Whats going on around here?

Welcome to the long time readers and new people who have stumbled across this blog.       It is a great location to store my cartoons and show them to new and old friends.

Where should you go first check out the comic archive that has all my old comics that don’t belong to one of the 3 series attempts.

Series attempts are Frankenstien, The Pink Princess and Webcomic Attempt(great title)

Update:- 26/03/17

Project KZT has restarted I have decided to try and convert a POP vinyl into KZT.

Inspiration for a new comic series has appeared based on my recent watching of Stargate Atlantis. NEXUS

Looking at maybe doing more picture conversions but even this has halted.

The main copy of the Lab Rats Board game is complete, my copy still hasn’t been started yet. Not sure if I will bother. Did try turning the main ideas of the  board game into a card game but that wasn’t working. Thinking about making a Halloween Edition of the game, some new rules and new orange cards. But have not done anymore on this version. I’m no going to make my own copy of the game but I may update the cards in the future.

If your new here please check out all the pages. here is a quick description of the pages.

Stay tuned and keep reading webcomics.

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