Hello i am a 36 year old male from Australia.

Why am I here on this site. I was trying to find a cheap easy medium to get my cartoons out to friends.

I remember a time people would giggle at people with blogs, seriously you have a blog what interesting thing have you done.  I think now in this current techno climate that maybe a blog makes sense.  Some people who write on facebook or twitter should come and write on a blog.  Maybe using the wrong medium for what they want their information to achieve.

What else can I say about myself quickly I like anime, metal music(but i do like other genres), science fiction, i like science non fiction, Playstation, beer and home brewing, i love rugby union, F1, pro cycling and Board games

I like photography and travel, i like beer photos and i like drawing comics with MS paintbrush. Along the line of cyanide and happiness style http://www.explosm.net and also webcomics like http://www.questionablecontent.com.

Well that is it enough for now go check out the site.



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