This is something new I am going to try, i do this sometimes when I am trying to think of an idea get an image and fill in the colors.





This image is one of the word press supplied headers was the inspiration to try more.





Yellow figure in the background is Sponge bob



AFTER (in progress)


Whats the black line? I hear you ask it is just a guide to where I am at with converting the sky it is very hard to tell where I am up too. I am slow going but I have now given up on the sky so the bottom left is still unfinished. Now working on some of the other areas. I should have started on the thing in the bottom left of image. I am working on the ferry in the fore ground and have done part of the largest house. I was skeptical about the house but now looking on here its not bad just need to put a dark line to separate the roof and wall.

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