Lab Rats

I am a fan of board games have a nice little collection of games ranging from some old games like a 60’s version of diplomacy and a early edition of monopoly to newer games like boss monster and zombies. While away at work on site we like to play board games. As a joke I decided to make a board game that was based around work. Using my usual joke style that is found in my comics to write the cards and my drawing style to make the game pieces.

Below is the original game pieces and a Gundam(I was watching gundam while initially making the game)  These initial game pieces were made back in 2013 while I was on another crew that liked board gaming. I had the initial bones of the game mechanic thought up but nothing other than these pics.

game pieces

During 2015 we played Grass a few times. And I mentioned to my current crew that I had started working on a work based board game two years ago and hadn’t got very far. They were interested so I put in a week of solid work to write up cards and figure out the rules and a rough layout of the board. Then a further week or so to make all the parts for the game. Plus drawing out 4 versions of the board before I was happy with the layout.

Below are the new game pieces

game pieces

The person who the second last image is based on wasn’t happy that they didn’t have a waist. So I have had to tweak that picture.


The box for the game is from the Neighbours game. I purchased this game just to use the box for my game. The artwork on the label is drawn by a work mate Boots.


Here is the current board(well piece of card). It has been covered now.


I have done a few small revisions and some rewrites of cards to funnier jokes. But all in all the game is complete. However there was one accidental omission from the game and that was any mention of Parallel Worlds.

So I decided to make a Lab Rats: Parallel Worlds add-on. What that meant was some more game pieces, more crazy cards(really crazy).

game piecesPW

I made some of my favorite comics into game pieces, no more game pieces.


All I will do to the current game is a quick rewrite of the rules to take out a little of the bit I don’t like.

If you like Board Games I have started reviewing the board games in my cupboard at home Board Game Reviews .


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