Comics Archive

This page is a comic archive of some of the comics i have made the newer comics once they have left the home page will reside here. If you have trouble viewing them or reading the small print click on the image that should help.

Some comics are linked together in small little series others are separate, all have been drawn by paintbrush.

I love how this page chronicles how my style has developed.  And i sometimes like to give an insight into the comics i have drawn so bare with me.

This is not the first comic, but close enough. this comic is a bit brutal.

2. whale revisit

very cyanide and happiness begins for my comics

2. lights

another joke.

3. parrot

another poor joke, the best thing about this comic is it makes a change or it will do using the character dressed like a blues brother.  But more about that later.

4. 4+5v2


6. needeep

i don’t mind this joke, the two characters in this look funny.

5. dog

8. flat rabbit. like most of my comics i like to throw them together while i have a few or lots of spare minutes at work or at home, even just working out an idea for a comic.

8. chickenroad

Using the character from earlier while watching the dark knight i drew the joker and then continued to draw different characters. a lot of my character models are copy paste and recolor so if a flaw exists(bent leg which is in all except superman) it will continue for awhile in the future comics.


so using the new cool designs i remade a few of the old jokes with comic culture references

9. whalebatman



10. fantastic4

12. cowboy violence – i do like a bit of violence, i have left a few comics off due to violence or in jokes which the general reader wont understand.

12. cowboyviolence

13. Iron man – number 13 at least in the official numbering which is blown out the window when i draw the Frankenstein comic check it out here

13. ironMvW

Love monty pyhton and i love drawing scenes from movies. this is from the monty pyhtons meaning of life. wafer thin mint

14. monty pyhton

18. Squid 1, the beginning of the squid comics. so cute, i like the little details in clothing or background. or facial expressions. which i slowly get better at.

18. squid 1

19. squid 2 not sure how a squid tentacle got in the sewer system.

19. squid 2

20. squid 3 ideas were running low.

20. squid 3

21. Squid 4 – one of my favorite comics, that last scene as the squid leaves just great.

21. farewell squid

22. squid 5. due to popular demand i brought the squid back but it wasn’t so good.

22. return of the squid

23. the deep – sticking with the water theme, came up with this awesome giant eel.

23. the deep




29. arrow

the first appearance of igor and the mad scientist

40. igor


43. igor4

45. igor 5

47. witches

51. Dracula

51. dracula

now a werewolf is this leading to somewhere

52. werewolf

here is a comic retelling of the twilight books i got the story from wikipedia i never read the books.

53. twilight

twilight new moon

54. twilight new moon

Twilight eclipse

55. twilight eclipse

twilight breaking dawn

56. twilight breaking dawn

twilight breaking dawn how i think it should have been.

57. twilight breaking hearts(my retelling of breaking dawn)

59. raindrops keep falling on my kangaroo

59. raindrops keep falling on my kangaroo

60. a dingo ate my honey

60. a dingo ate my honey

Big bang pigeon, i love big bang theory how awesome are those pigeons, i really like comics.


they looked so good how could i not use them again

62. twilight halloween

a pic i drew on my phone while on a train its a comment on society today wouldn’t notice an alien attack because they would be too busy with their devices. which of course is funny seeing i was drawing on my phone.


63. st pats:-  this is the character i made for my webcomic attempt check it out here

63. st pats day

official numbering gone out the window have done so many and lost count. make a comic about me she said(bugged me for about 2 yrs), but you made me look like angry not thanks for making a comic about me and then i made about 4 about her.


this was a talk i had with a workmate


i love my top in this, (canadian rugby jersey(seeing thats nearly all i wear))


i love how good marty and doctor who look in this


make me a princess, make me a princess


This was the first new one for over a year.


Here are some old drawings that I rescued from my Deviantart page. All I remember was someone else online drew the camel and I put the camel into different backgrounds. Once I was sick with that I converted the camel to other animal.

For a while there on deviantart I was reading the stupidfox storiers so I drew a cross between stupidfox and cyanide and happiness.


Whats next in my collection of old comics.  Oh yes bundys rampage this was actually a series of about 10 but only this one survived the data loss. Origin I told a friend that she reminds me of a polar beer, from a distance they look soft and cute but up close they can rip you apart. For some reason she didn’t like this so I made some comics. These are from about 2002


After that walk down memory lane some new comics but old ideas.

Well finally the quokka story has been drawn.


Another story i was told yeah its a bit so so.


There may be new one off comics but for now no.




None of the above happened, well I did lose a game of pool but my pants stayed on.






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