Project KZT

What is Project KZT it is my goal to post a cartoon pic of a my workmate KZT that i drew and get it seen as an ad on a web comic. bit confused lets go back.

I like to draw comics using paintbrush they aren’t fancy but my work mates and friends enjoy them.

My workmate left his phone unattended and i left a comment on his facebook page, he left it unattended another time, this time i drew a cartoon version of him and saved it to his phone as i was too slow to post it to facebook. He for a third time was silly enough to leave his phone unattended this time i managed to post the cartoon version of himself to his facebook page. I found this quite amusing. He may not have.

Now here comes project kzt, while reading webcomics in particular QC i saw i could have an ad on a website for 0.60 and this gave me the idea lets try and put my little cartoon pic of KZT as an ad.

This page contains all my KZT comics

Phase 1:- This was completed ages ago I had the ad up on two sites for the cost of 0 dollars which was good.


Phase 2:- Complete. get the ad on a few more site for 0 or next to 0 that was done, plus other ads.

Phase 3:- Abandoned I was trying to get a stuffed toy of KZT made but too expensive.

Phase 3b:- Pop Vinyl conversion. ONGOING

Brought the acrylic paint and modelling clay, I have not tested this out yet.

Phase 4:- A very basic animation of the first comic below. Its an idea how close to doing this will i get, maybe closer than Phase 3b. 4/12/17 idea born, idea died ….

In the mean time the following comics all star the main man Kevin.

I enjoyed trying to place Kevin in different movie scenes as well as work situations that explains most of the comics you will see on this page.


the first staring role for KZT, his hair is nearly always standing up like that. the other person here is me snail.


Kevin meets calvin


I like to draw movie scenes and insert kevin into the lead role in this case forest kevin.


king kevin


kevins 3


kevinator(i dont normally take requests but this was requested by KZT)


the incredible kevin(sort of looks like a green smurf)


back to the kevin 1(part 2 n 3 to come)




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