Webcomic Attempt

So i had been reading the web comic www.questionablecontent.net and also making my cartoons so i came to wondering if i could do that. Not realizing that my Frankenstein comic series could be classed as a web comic.

So I drew a guy and made a strip for him called barworld. I knew it would be a lot of work and it was, I never expected to make a web comic its easier to throw together some rough comics on paintbrush but then again that’s my style isn’t it this is what I learnt after trying this.

That i shouldn’t be ashamed of my style and my evolution of my style. My workmates and friends find the comics i make fun so why try to do something I’m not.

Anyway here are the few strips i did make, i did enjoy making these and even though i tried to change my style.

I just love the cut and paste and recolor style too much(because its quickish) recoloring is sometimes not quick.

Some of these stories are real but have been embellished or altered for the strip.

story behind this, i helped a turtle across the road and it tried to pee on me.



barworld 3.

The inspiration or barmaid this series is based on never found pizza on the floor and ate it. I had these shoes they hurt my feet so much. i love my attention to detail.


I tried to make the guy wear the same outfit as Allan from the hangover

barworld 4.

this story is mostly true good thing for creative license.



barworld 6.

barworld 7.

barworld 8.

barworld 9.

this is a true story

Well that is it for barworld. It was good while it lasted.



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